Friday, January 18, 2013

Google Health disappears

Since the 2nd January, the giant Google has terminated their personal health record service called Google Health. All data was delete. Google Health was created in 2008 and the decision to finish the service was done last year, because people were not using it as much as they hoped. The idea was pretty good in my opinion, because it was a web-based service to keep track of your health records (including medical imaging exams of course). This type of service has several advantages: keep track of past doctor appointments and medication, keep control of our radiation dose,... Google redirects their users to Microsoft HealthVault. I just created an account.You need to install a connection center to upload your data such as medical imaging studies (Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center Version 4 or later), but I'm not sure how compatible it is with Mac or Linux. I guess this is establish a more secure and stable connection to transfer your data. The interface seems quite intuitive to use. You can also create a record for your family members and help them keep track, e.g. for my grandmother which doesn't even use the Internet.

Organized health record
Why did Google Health Failed?


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