Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Open-source journals

Among researchers, there has been great discussion about journals and their subscriptions. The main argument is that journals are making money easily: researchers write the articles and other researchers review them for free, while universities and institutes are paying expensive subscriptions fees to access those articles. Therefore, many researchers are turning their papers to open-source journals. In this case, the access to the articles is free, while researchers pay to publish their articles. As a open-source fan, I was always thinking how great it is that things are changing, until I read an opinion article from Simon Cherry. Simon Cherry is the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal, “Physics in Medicine and Biology”. The journal is one of the top-ranked biomedical engineering journals.I have talked with Simon Cherry about my work in conferences and I greatly admire him. Just last year, in Anaheim NSS/MIC conference, he was awarded "The Edward J. Hoffman Medical Imaging Scientist Award"and his speech was just great to hear!

Simon Cherry's article "Open Access and PMB"
Short article about his new role:
Simon Cherry's Lab:

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