Monday, July 15, 2013

Best posts in the first 6 months - from Angelina Jolie to Muse

This blog has just turned 6 months. I make the balance of these first six months and compare it with the first three months:

Top 5 posts (4 new entries, but #1 post is still the same):
1. Medical Imaging Conferences 2013
2. How does a painting look like on X-ray?
3. What does the Muse CD cover have to do with Medical Imaging?
5. Dissecting Art, Intersecting Anatomy - Medical illustration

More than 9400 visualizations (6900 in the last three months, which is more than the double of the first three months) and 136 posts (53 new posts, 60% of the first three months)! Thank you for sharing this blog!

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