Saturday, April 6, 2013

Procrastination with Scientific Social Networks

I have written before about Google Scholar as a way to follow your co-authors, colleagues or just to get alerts from a certain topic. Today, I talk about other websites that have nice features which Google Scholar doesn't have and which can be useful: BiomedExperts, ResearchGate and


BiomedExperts is a scientific social network for biomedical experts.The main features of this webpage are the visualization tools about researchers. You can see the published topics, published articles, co-authors, times and places, network view and geonetwork view. These two last ones are very nice to visualize and give you information that Google Scholar doesn't provide you.

ResearchGate is another scientific network, but it is available for all research topics. It has basically all the features of BiomedExperts, expect the network visualization, but it has other ones, such as citation management, endorsement management (like LinkedIn) and even allows you to publish data (or download it). is another scientific network with a lot of users. The main difference from the other two is that it allows you to put papers which are not finished or were not accepted. The thing I most like in this webpage is that it gives me an alert whenever my profile appears in google results, so basically I know when other researchers googled me and which words they used for that.

This post was an idea from a fellow researcher.

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