Friday, April 26, 2013

The best blogs in Neuroscience

With the new community of Research Blogging, I have come across with 4 blogs, which are probably the most famous and known in the neuroscience blogosphere of research blogging:

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The Scicurious Brain: the Good, Bad, and  Weird in Psychology and Neuroscience and my recommended articles are:
- Beer, Dopamine and Brain Scans
- The BRAIN initiative: BAM or BUST?

Neuroskeptic and my recommended articles are:
- The Man with Uncrossed Eyes
- What is wrong with "Publish or Perish"?

Neurocritic and my recommended articles are:
How Neuroscientists Scan the Media
- What Is This Thing Called Neuroscience?

Brain Posts and my recommendation articles are:
- DTI identifies Brain Aging Changes
- Blast-related Traumatic Brain Injury

These blogs are from this moment in the blog list on the right side of this blog. Did you already know these blogs? Or know other very good ones?

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  1. The guys at Psychoneuroxy don't hang around when you need something.