Monday, January 13, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo - How many times did he undergo an MRI exam?

Cristiano Ronaldo was announced today Ballon d'Or and it made me remember something I read some time ago about football players and their injuries. Most of football players injuries are assessed with medical imaging. Medical Imaging provides information about the extent of the injury (e.g. involvement of tendons) and also information about the recovery. The most important exams are: MRI and Ultrasound. Some clubs even have their own ultrasound machine. However, it is still recognized among experts that medical imaging for sports injuries needs further research, because at times it still does not have high sensitivity.

 Cristiano Ronaldo feels the pain as Real Madrid slump to defeat at Osasuna

So how many times did Cristiano Ronaldo undergo an MRI exam?
Ate least three that I could find:
November 2013
August 2010
October 2009

More information here and there:

Woods C, Hawkins RD, Maltby S, Hulse M, Thomas A, Hodson A, & Football Association Medical Research Programme (2004). The Football Association Medical Research Programme: an audit of injuries in professional football--analysis of hamstring injuries. British journal of sports medicine, 38 (1), 36-41 PMID: 14751943

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