Sunday, January 26, 2014

Design in Medical Imaging

I have been recently in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and I was quite surprised to find out that they pointed out some design aspects of Medical Imaging scanners. I took some pictures for you:

- PET Uptake Room: In some cases, before a patient makes a PET exam, he should rest to make sure there is uptake of the tracer in the regions of interest. The room should be relaxing and without stimuli. Philips has designed this room for that purpose.

- Hybrid Operating Room: A room where surgeries are performed, usually minimally-invasive surgeries, with access to all medical images previously acquired in the screens. The room is prepared to rapidly switch to standard surgical procedure in complicated situations. The room was also designed for comfort of the patient and medical staff.

- Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The machine that is best known for its tube shape, where the patient lies down and images are then acquired. The design of these machines has improved significantly to much more compact machines. Also, the size of the tunnel has increased, giving more comfort to the patient. Just look to an older MRI machine here.

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