Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gorillla CT scan

Can you find the Gorilla in this image?

Notice anything off?

I took at least 10 seconds to spot it. This image was used in a study with radiologists, where they were asked if there is something wrong with the image. 83% of radiologist didn't see the gorilla. This doesn't mean that the radiologist don't pay attention to the images, but rather that they will not see what they aren't looking for... Please see the video that inspired this study in the links and understand better what this means.



  1. It took my much longer than 10secs, although its so obvious!

  2. Well, I took at least 10 seconds, maybe closer to 20s... I don't know, but I used a strategy: first light grey, then inside far from the white parts. Did you see the video that inspired this study? It is also pretty cool!

  3. I actually knew the movies with the monkey before, so they didn't tricked me again, but the movies with the little mistakes were new to me. Really interesting, I didn't recognized even one thing at the first time.

    1. I actually had a lot of trouble to see the mistakes during the conversation video too...