Saturday, February 16, 2013

Procrastination with Google Scholar

When you don't feel like doing any real work, you can procrastinate with Google Scholar Profiles. Either to find some papers from your favorite authors or just to update your profile.

Why and How to get a Google profile:

Here is some examples of Google scholar profiles with lots of citations and papers:

And some Medical Imaging Journals:


  1. Hello,
    how can I also look for other journal topics in google scholar?

    Thx, for you help!

  2. Hello.

    In the main page of Google Scholar (, you can click on the top right where it says Metrics. Inside Metrics, you can search words on the Journal titles and it will rank those journals according to h5-index. Unfortunately, if the journal is related to the topic, but it does not the word in the title, Google Scholar will not find that. For that, you can use ISI web of knowledge (

    I hope this helps your search.