Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Open-Source frameworks for medical imaging

C++ frameworks are great to develop new methods from other previously coded methods. Here are some great frameworks for medical imaging:

ITK Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit http://www.itk.org/
As the name states, it is great for segmentation and registration, but also has filters, statistics...

STIR Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction http://stir.sourceforge.net/
It is a open-source framework to reconstruct data for nuclear medicine.

ROOT Rapid Object Oriented  Data Framework http://root.cern.ch/
It is one of the major open source codes ever developed for Physics, so it is great to use in medical physics oriented medical imaging.

XIP eXtensible Imaging Platform   http://www.openxip.org/
A platform design for rapid development of medical applications including DICOM tools, renders...

MITK Medical Imaging Toolkit http://www.mitk.org/
A framework which comprises ITK and VTK, a visualization toolkit.

A complete list with more frameworks:

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