Friday, February 1, 2013

Simulation MRI - free tools

Simulation is essential when working on medical imaging from the technique development point of view. Therefore, tools to do MRI simulation are described here. All of these tools have scientific papers published which you can cite in your work.

This tools works mostly as a database of brain MRI's with specific sequences and artifacts, but several parameters can be manipulated to obtain custom made simulations.

This tool allows to define the phantom and the sequence, therefore it is one of the most flexible tools available. The reconstruction of non-linear sequences is not available.

MRI Simulation and Reconstruction
This package was developed in Matlab and allows to simulate and reconstruct datasets.

This package is able to simulate several advanced artifacts and sequences, although the package itself does not seem very intuitive.

This is a part of the well-know MRI/fMRI software FSL, which allows simulation of MRI images with some artifacts.

Do you know other MRI simulators? Please share.

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  1. There is also OD1N, at sourceforge:

    It is described as software to simulate MR sequences, and it can output images as well.